Jun. 3rd, 2017

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one of the reasons I don’t have very much music on my phone, aside from laziness, is that i try to put things that i’ll listen to all the time on there rather than things i’ll skip most of the time but sometimes be in the mood for - for example, i just was thinking about putting “quocum patriae me ducit amor” from Juditha Triumphans on there, but it’s long and slow, though very pretty, and i’m often not in the mood for that

all of which is good, i guess, but also i have less than 6 hours total music actually on the phone, so i get the same 3 songs over and over on shuffle

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kai ta loipa
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i call this look “tempting fate”

Tags:eating chocolate ice cream in a white dress is probably the dumbest thing i've ever done, and i've long-jumped on concrete and have the scar to show for it, kai ta loipa, mea pulchra facies
kai ta loipa
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if you were a villain, what kind of villain would you be?

I’m definitely “I’m taking over the world because under my control it would be perfect”

Tags:i treat my minions with kindness, but they're still minions, kai ta loipa
kai ta loipa


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