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Fencing is awesome!

Unfortunately, my knee does not agree, and currently hates me.

Anyway, I've reversed the normal process, and did no extracurriculars in high school and am now doing six in college. I just got back from copy-editing for the 'Prince,' where my (not so) inner pedant can come out to play.

Sports articles suck. News you can just go over, and there's some minor mistakes, but all three sports articles I got were actively terrible. But it's a lot of fun, and the spirit in the room is really good. It helped that today was fairly light, but they say it'll get worse.

My first bio lab was today. I think that one of the reasons I hated ninth grade bio was that our labs seemed so pointless - they were all "Look at little things that all look the same under the microscope," and the microscope gave me a headache, and Ms. Feldman was a bitch. In any case, I actually enjoy this class.

(We sent crickets through a maze to see if they responded to cricket calls played through an MP3 player. Then we had to design an experiment for next time. It was a fairly complicated setup, and I managed not to screw up. Je m'en suis fière.)

I still don't know any Russian verbs after two weeks, but I already know the alphabet better than the Greek, which is sad, considering my five years of Greek and the fact that Greek is closer.

And finally, I'm picking up The Medieval World now - I've got two hundred pages of Augustine to read!


Sep. 11th, 2007 12:48 pm
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Ok, got the capslock out of my system, but seriously, I have no idea why I'm in this class. My 9th grade bio class was not a pleasant experience, and I never took it after that, so I don't have any tests in it. Maybe it's just because I did take a bio class, and 101 would be painfully basic.

Anyway, I do have less terrifying classes, like Russian 101. So, that sentence was a total lie. Whatever. Less terrifying classes, like... Intro to Indo-European. And my lovely freshman seminar, Truth and Objectivity in Ancient and Modern Historiography.

I love my classes so much!

(Except that they're all in the morning. I have two afternoon classes the whole week, one of which is my lab. Hurrah for 8:30 class.)

I also placed into Advanced Italian, which I'm not taking, but it's good to know that I can. In any case, thank you Professor Donizetti.

At this point, though, I just want to start class. I'm tired of frosh week already.
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Firstly, there is a horrible Christmas display at the park entrance outside my house. They've managed to take three colors which are perfectly fine on their own and combine them to make what can only be described as a 'sickly glow.'

Secondly, I am thisclose to taking a big damn hammer and smashing my damn printer in, because it doesn't work!

Thirdly, and this might not make much sense, the college application as journey of the hero )

See, I have proof that Campbell eats your brain.
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Smeared with the strange clay of North Dakota, wet with the waters of the hot springs of Idaho, I am arrived in beautiful Kamloops, BC(actually, surprisingly enough, with my New Yorker's disdain of any city that isn't New York, I'm not being sarcastic).
End of Nationals )
Cut for half the country and some of Canada )
Animals! )
Championats Nord-Americains )

Fakest name in the country, after a strong showing from "Syringa, Idaho" and "SeaTac, Washington" goes to... Tsawwassen, BC! (Cheating, but, I think, justified.)

I would just like to note that I was most likely the only one warming up to "Veglia, o donna". And doing Italian exercises in the locker room, from my book with sketchy sentences like "I left with Silvia's sister."


Jan. 28th, 2006 12:10 am
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Time, like an everflowing stream, passes by us swiftly. For example, it seems like only yesterday that my history paper, which must be six pages long, and for which I have read two books, and which is due Monday, was due "you know, six weeks from now." This is extremely unfortunate.

Also, and more worryingly, it seems like just a little while since I was a freshman and college was four years away and I could safely ignore it. Having just had the junior briefing, the idea of college, which was before nebulous - something that I was, of course, going to do, but that I didn't really have to think about - has become concrete - something I have to do something about. Hard on the heels of that idea comes the idea of graduation. I don't like endings. I can't handle them. I tear up even thinking about it. This forces me to think "this time next year I will have five months of highschool left. I might already know where I'm going."

I don't think I fully comprehend that right now. I don't really concieve of the endpoint of these four years as real.
It shouldn't be.

And yet, at the same time, I am filled with the desire to leave - just to get out of here. Off this continent, out of this city, out of this rut. And when I leave, I will be homesick, because I love New York with all my heart. But I just have to leave. I feel stuck, trapped. I want to go to Reed. The fact that it's in Oregon is attractive, somehow. Or I could go to the Sorbonne, and study theology and have arguments with kings and crazy powerplays and bishops and answer questions about the two popes and burn people at the stake... What do you mean, they don't do that anymore?


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