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Everybody meet my new BFF Arsaces the Parthian.

He is not actually part of the Arsacid Dynasty; his parents were trying to curry favor or something.

Right now he lives next to Wagner

I am not sure how that's working out for him.
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So I am being forced to speak in front of my class on a topic nobody cares about, also known as an oral presentation for GEO 210 (itself also known as "Rocks for Jocks").

While this is in fact very painful, it's led me to some awesome stuff online. My presentation is about the Morne aux Diables on Dominica, where a million-tonne rock is about to fall into the water.

But there's also zombies!
"First, I make mud figure, so' - and she showed them rudely how she did it. 'Mud figure, he resemble man, so. Then I take and give him breath, like this.'"

"'Zombies? Yes, they are here, but we cannot explain them. It is part of the mystery of Haiti.'

An official reply, yes. But it fails to convince me that there are not dead men working in the cane fields of Haiti today."

Great, man.

Also the daily volcano quote, whose mere existence makes me really happy, and also some of the quotes are great, including one by Lindsey Davis, and the really purple description of the eruption of Tarawera:
"Bright, aye bright with the full effulgence of the orb which was still high above the horizon there; but lower, the dazzling brightness waned, and a faint glint of a golden hue was seen, to be rivalled by the richer colours and deeper gold of the nether parts until they deepened and sank through rose to carmine..."

and finally, an awesome entertainment I wish I had been at: the less deadly eruption of Vesuvius.

also discovery of really cool graves in Iraq. Disown me all you want, [livejournal.com profile] dolique, I wanna go over there, although my desire to not get killed sort of trumps that.
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So I'm "reading" my blessèdly short assignment in Antigone for tomorrow, as you do, and I decided to run some of it through google translate, to see how much of it it would get. And of course, it didn't get all of it - not surprising, considering that it doesn't usually translate all or even most German words. It translated

ὦ πρέσβυ, πάντες ὥστε τοξόται σκοποῦ
τοξεύετ’ ἀνδρὸς τοῦδε, κοὐδὲ μαντικῆς
ἄπρακτος ὑμῖν εἰμι· τῶν δ’ ὑπαὶ γένους
ἐξημπόλημαι κἀμπεφόρτισμαι πάλαι.
κερδαίνετ’, ἐμπολᾶτε τἀπὸ Σάρδεων
ἤλεκτρον, εἰ βούλεσθε, καὶ τὸν Ἰνδικὸν
χρυσόν· τάφῳ δ’ ἐκεῖνον οὐχὶ κρύψετε,
οὐδ’ εἰ θέλουσ’, οἱ Ζηνὸς αἰετοὶ βορὰν


ὦ ambassador, so everyone toxotai purpose
toxefet Men far, koude oracular
Amy inactive ymin; our d ypai genus
eximpolimai kampefortismai old.
kerdainet 'Ebola tapo Sardis
electricity, if voulesthe, and Indian
gold; τάφῳ d ouchi him hide,
oud Hey thelous' The Zinos aietoi Boranes

Clearly even if I wanted to cheat, this would not be the way to do it. But I really expected it to be able to translate less of it - the word for "inactive," for example has stayed the same for 2400 years - not even just phonetically the same: it's written the same way. And that's just really cool.

OK, also "'Ebola tapo Sardis electricity" is kind of hilarious.
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Look, you can see what day of the week it was in 1268! So, Conradin, King of Sicily, was executed on Monday October 29!


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