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This paper is now about Väinamöinen. Once upon a time there was a man named Väinamöinen who lived in Finland. He really didn’t have all that much to do with Vergil except that their names start with the same letter and also a crazy Italian man said that the Homeric epics really took place in Finland. Väinamöinen is kind of like Odysseus in a way because they’re both smart but Väinamöinen didn’t do well with women like that time when he married a girl and then she jumped into the North Sea and then he tried to make a wife out of gold and it didn’t work. They are also very different because at the end Väinamöinen represents the old gods and that does not happen with Odysseus, because there was no Christianity in archaic Greece. Also Odysseus didn’t have an illegitimate son who he then abandoned and then had some issues involving marrying his sister by mistake and then she killed herself and then he killed himself too. But that didn’t happen in Homer because he was not Balkan.

[The paper is really about the motivation of Athena in the Odyssey and Venus in the Aeneid. Thesis: the motivations of the goddesses reflect the overall goal of their epics: Athena likes Odysseus personally, while Aeneas, although he is Venus' son, is more important to her as the founder of the empire than as a person. Unfortunately I am having some (that is, a lot) trouble coming up with a good beginning]

(other option for starting this paper: “on a bright day in semi-historic semi-Greece…”)
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So I'm doing reading for the paper due May 19th, not the one due Tuesday morning, or even better, writing the one due Monday afternoon. Whatever, that's what the weekend's for, right?

Anyway, I am glad I did, because I've found my new favorite theories: Olaus Rudbeck, Atlantica, and Daniel Juslenius, Aboa vetus et nova. The first is Swedish, and argues that - wait, I might as well use all of William Wilson's summary - "which 'established' that Sweden was in reality the legendary island Atlantis, the Hyperborean region of Greek mythology... and the source of all culture." Well then.

Of course, the Finns couldn't take this lying down. If the Swedes were going to claim crazy things, well then the Finns were going to claim crazier things! Again, William Wilson summarizes: "He went still farther, boasting that Finnish was actually one of the basic languages created at the confusion of tongues." Of course, this was not all the ancient Finns had done: "The Finns had migrated to their northern home... under the leadership of Noah's grandson Magog. There they had become a mighty warlike nation and had subdued armies as far away as Spain. The women, too, participated in these heroic struggles, for, as Juslenius explained, the Amazons of Greek mythology had lived in Finland."

And nothing like this would be complete without a claim of a great conspiracy against your favored group (which, in the case of people like von Daniken, includes... yourself): "However, the envious Swedes... had destroyed all traces of this learning in order to crush Finnish national feeling."
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Behold my introduction for my Spanish Inquisition paper:

O Clio, as is proper I begin with you – tell me now of the causes of the Spanish Inquisition, and lay bear to me the hearts of those men who supported it. Whence came the hatred of the men of Iberia for Abraham’s race? But this hatred has been increased in its importance by the men who came after, those who told the tale; for the sons of Canaan were not the only men to incur the rage of the red-clad Spaniards: those of the race of Charlemagne who ventured past their borders were slain too. What, o muse, was the cause of this strife and hatred?
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I am writing a paper. Not, of course, at this moment, but if someone asked me the question "what did you do last night," I would answer, "I wrote a paper." I hope that by five I will be entitled to use the perfective in Russian.

This paper is about the relationship of power and punishment in the theory of Michel Foucault. I do not like Michel Foucault very much, for various reasons.

This paper is also a giant pain. I would much rather not be writing it, for now I must reread the record of the trial of Tempel Anneke for witchcraft, which is very very long, and not all that interesting.

I am on my fourth cup of tea for the day. I will probably make it to ten by the end of the night.

ETA: What the hell is this?

"On Thursdays during the Ember days, periods of fasting for the Catholic Church, the Benandanti claimed their spirits would leave their bodies at night in the form of small animals (wolves, butterflies and rats in the Friuli). The spirits of the men would go to the fields to fight evil witches (malandanti). The Benandanti men fought with fennel stalks, while the dark witches were armed with sorghum stalks (sorghum was used for witches' brooms, and the "brooms' sorghum" was one of the most current type of sorghum [2]). If the men prevailed, the harvest would be plentiful."

Actually, Guy Gavriel Kay uses this in Tigana.
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Writing a paper on Gawain with a semi-functional W key = fun!
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It's 3:33 AM, and I just finished my history paper and it's only a week late and oh God it's finally DONE. I am so happy. Now I don't have to think for the rest of the school year, especially since the SATs are over.

And the papacy should have been at Rome. Duh.

Damn French.

But the English were wrong in the Hundred Years' War. Damn English.
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It's 1:04 AM and I've got three-quarters of my paper done. I was sleepy at 7:00. This is a Bad Thing. The paper is for a teacher who has swords. This also is a bad thing.

Dear Skating Club,
that thing with wanting to put the skyline is an awful idea. It will, I can guarantee, be hideous. I would like to add that since Gang-Hyun and I are the only ones from the club that anyone else cares about, we should get the final decision on the design. I further move that since Gang-Hyun is a sixteen-year-old boy and therefore has no sense of style, I should get the final decision. Not that I'm allowed to wear a club suit in official meets anyway.
Thank you very much, me.


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