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Going even obscurer than usual here:

Antigone reminds me of the eldest sister in Patricia C. Wrede's retelling of the Cruel Sister/Binorie story - I can totally imagine her saying "It was not true when she said it, but I will make it true." And yes, this was spurred by something - the part where Antigone doesn't let Ismene share in her guilt. It's not quite the same idea, but it's a similar sense of justice.

(Speaking of that story, it was a really good retelling, and I hope I can still find the book!)
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Man, if I had the patience or skill to do needlepoint, I would totally do "Tamerlane : an opera / compos'd by Mr. Handel and corrected & fugur'd by his own hand. And to render this work more acceptable to gentlemen & ladies, every song is truly translated into English verse, & the words engrav'd to the musick under the Italian" in bright red, really big, and hang it up over my bed. Certainly those words deserve the adulation of the masses.

Right, so basically you're just slapping a few arias on a CD: "while there is no specific narrative..." and "Other major Handelians playing a role include Joyce Di Donato, David Daniels, Natalie Dessay, Max Emanuel Cencic, Ann Sofie von Otter, Ian Bostridge, Vivica Genaux and Stephanie Blythe" who have all recorded Handel CDs before. So this is just sort of pointless, as far as I can tell.
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My personal demons:  Bushyasta  and Tituvillus, although I have gone a long way toward exorcising Tituvillus with the liberal use of spell check and the 'backspace' button, neither of which luxuries were available to medieval monks.


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