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To me, you have to strike a balance between "Do we really need another 'Caro nome'*?" and "No one has listened to this since 17/1850 - and with good reason," or even, "This sounds like every other bel canto/ Händel aria."

I think that Ruth Ann Swenson's Endless Pleasure does a good job, since Semele is fairly obscure, but still pretty, and the Mozart arias are all well selected.

Kožená's French Arias tends a bit to the other side. I really like the Auber, and "Connais-tu le pays" is beautiful, but "D'ici vous voyez le beau domain" is not particularly interesting.

Speaking of CD construction, why is 'Quel guardo il cavaliere' the new 'Luce di quest'anima'?

*We do. Dessay's.
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To all those who claim that original authors can't write their own characters OOC:

Yes, they can. It's because authors are not infalliable.

To use an example close to my heart, there is a moment in Steven Brust's Phoenix Guards that I feel is horribly OOC for everyone involved.

Khaavren says, 'because I say so' about accepting Uttrik into the company; Tazendra protests, but Khaavren 'lays down the law.' This makes no sense. Tazendra's older than Khaavren, and it's not in her character to give in so easily, nor is it really in Khaavren's character to say something like that.

However, this is the canon author. It's one moment that jars horribly, and it does happen sometimes.
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Werther is the ultimate teenage "They'll be sorry when I'm dead" fantasy.


I may hate US Speedskating, but they gave me free shoes. (And a really ugly uniform for next year, but I'll ignore that for a moment. And the US used to have the least ugly skinsuit in the world. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


The library is my god. I need to send a letter to Bloomberg:

Dear Mister Mayor:

Please contribute more money to the public library because they give me free opera. Thank you.


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