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waxing: what is your proudest accomplishment?

UGH graduating college ~cum laude~ UGH but I would like to mitigate the pretentiousness of that and the pretentiousness of caring five years later with the fact that I had to overcome very bad depression, not being medicated for said depression, three STEM classes, and just Generally Feeling Awful to get there. 

contemplation: if you could wake up one morning and everything in your life was perfect, what would that look like?

I am independently wealthy. I have a comfortable apartment in NYC. Some of it is furnished in the height of Baroque ridiculousness; some of it in tasteful Mid-Century Modern. I don’t have to work. I write sometimes; I receive recognition for my writing. I have a significant other who doesn’t mind that it’s a two-bedroom because I Need My Space. I am rested. My skin is clear. I can afford to buy an entire Sephora. 

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