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the adventures of huckleberry finn: do you think kids or their parents are responsible for their beliefs? 

getting real deep right off the bat! 

i think up to a certain age (let’s say 13), it’s the parents; children soak up the things around them and parrot them and don’t really understand them, and also tend to be exposed to little outside their parents’ bubble. (I’m reminded of the boy who complained about peeling carrots when he was on cooking duty at camp because that was “women’s work,” like, quotes mean that that is literally what he said.) After you reach the age of reason, you should be willing and able to expose yourself to other views and people. So, like, both. 

charlotte’s web: what’s your favorite art form?

literature, I guess. I haven’t been to the Met Opera in five years or so; I’ve been to a theater once; and paintings just don’t do much for me (I think “that’s pretty” and move on and don’t get analysis). And my music habits are not to be spoken of. 

the giver: talk about a favorite memory

I have 3 options here, one is sad, one is victorious, and one is Sports, so I’m going to go niche and go with Sports:

It was the rugby playoffs. We were a couple of yards from the try zone. I was behind our captain (on whom I had a giant crush, it was basically an Éowyn/Aragorn thing, she was charismatic and beautiful and a great leader) and she yelled “[Theo], with me!” and I said “with you!” and she threw me the ball and I crashed through their line and set the ball down in the middle of the try zone. 

Later, it was described, in Rugby Mag, as something like “put prop [Theo H–] into perfect position for a try." 

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