Jan. 14th, 2017

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music? i only listen to danish concept albums about selkies. 

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kai ta loipa
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i think the real resolution, if we can talk about resolutions thirteen days into the new year, has to be imperfection: i improved myself daily for ten days and have slackened the reins for the last two. the resolution is to not let that become three. the resolution is to count two out of three as pretty good. to let perfection fall by the wayside. to do things most of the time. and not to give in because i couldn’t uphold impossible perfection.  

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kai ta loipa
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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2jkmXPS at January 14, 2017 at 02:51PM
one thing i really appreciate about my dad is that he doesn’t quash my enthusiasm about things - I know for a fact that he absolutely does not care about nail polish but i send him pictures sometimes and he comments on them kindly 

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kai ta loipa


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