Jan. 25th, 2017

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I think the worst part of it is – 

well, have you ever climbed a mountain? not a spectacular one. just a small one, four thousand feet or so. There’s a point you get to, after climbing up the trail through the woods, where the trees are getting shorter, and the blue sky is getting slightly closer, and you think that at any moment you’ll break out of the trees on open rock, above everything, and you’ll finally be able to rest, and breathe, and see. 

 My brain is full of trees, and I tell myself over and over that if I just keep going I’ll hit the timberline and finally rise above all the scrub, the tangled bushes that obstruct my thoughts, and be up in the clear air. But that’s the thing. That moment is always further than you think it is; there’s always more of the climb. 

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kai ta loipa
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the thing is, I don’t remember many of the details. It was at camp, and I was terrified; the main idea was that the world was going to be shaken to pieces and there was a single rocket ship that would take some people off Earth that I was supposed to be on, but I was looking for someone who wasn’t on it, and I didn’t have much time, and I could feel the tremors in the earth. 

And it doesn’t sound like much, but that’s probably the worst nightmare I’ve ever had - I was absolutely destroyed by it. 

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kai ta loipa
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My sweet tooth has led me sorely astray

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kai ta loipa


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