Jun. 1st, 2017

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so i pulled my cardigan off the boot it was resting on and saw the boot fall, and at that moment I heard a rattling sound, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. vaguely i remembered placing the open box upright in that boot as tho’ it had been aeons ago. rolling on my floor were dozens of tiny colored pellets, having issued forth from the box of Nerds™ candy that I had put in there for safekeeping. 

Tags:i'm a mess, i vacuumed them up, and i'd been meaning to vacuum for a while, so i guess it's good?, kai ta loipa
kai ta loipa
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Lunch with coworkers: survived.

Tags:kai ta loipa
kai ta loipa
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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2stikEo at June 01, 2017 at 02:18PM
A nice baritone with a very slight German accent is reading Swinburne’s Hymn to Proserpine to me and I’m utterly happy.

Tags:e's super specific likes, kai ta loipa, my god i'm a nerd
kai ta loipa


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