Jun. 9th, 2017

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sword class update: so good, so much fun, going back next week

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kai ta loipa
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I don’t think I should have to exercise. I think there should be about a five-minute montage of me learning the blade and getting ripped and that’s it. 

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kai ta loipa
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lizowlet replied to your post: I don’t think I should have to exercise. I think…

Pro tip for learning the blade: doing my own french braids gave me powerful arms.

this is the best blade tip i’ve ever gotten 

tragically, I don’t know how to french braid, despite having tried with internet tutorials, so i’m stuck with push-ups (and of course, more of the blade) 

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kai ta loipa
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@septembersung tagged me in this, and i am not going to ask new questions because I am Bad, but: 

Rules: Answer the questions written by the person who tagged you, and write 11 of your own.

1. You’ve just adopted a new cat and a new dog. What do you name them?

Dog: Huon; cat: Medici

2. You’re offered one wish by a manipulative, malevolent djinn. What do you wish for and how to phrase it to try to avoid the djinn’s malicious misinterpretations?

Let’s be real, I’d fall into every single trap, i am not good at manipulation, but I think either to always have exactly as much money as I needed for anything I wanted to purchase or for the tablecloth that gives you food from the Grimm story. 

3. If you could write and complete one book - any genre, right now - what would it be?
It’s called A Year of Salt and Roses and it’s about a girl who goes to her weird aunt’s house after graduating from college and finds out that the aunt has picked her to be the Guardian of the border between our world and Faerie.

4. You can have either loads of money, or loads of energy. Which do you choose?
do I get to have the same amount of energy as I do now? I (very currently) have acceptable amounts of energy, so I’d go with the money. 
5. Favorite drama?
Racine’s Phèdre, the whole Venom Cock saga 
6. You can have the superpower of your choice - but you have to pay for it by giving up a favorite food. What do you give up for which superpower?

Pasta for, idk, flight? i’ve never really wanted a superpower, tbh. 

7. What was the most iconic book of your childhood?
Lord of the Rings! Sabriel a close second. 
8. What, to you, is the single most important quality in a best friend?
The ability to navigate emotional storms & feelings in general. 
9. If you could make everyone in the world watch one movie read one book what would it be?
This is really hard. There are a lot of things I love, but nothing is universal; I can’t recommend things to someone unless I know them really well. I guess Homer or something. 
10. Least favorite trope in stories?
Special children; bloodlines being really important. 
11. What have you always wanted to be asked but have never been asked? (Or, excuse to tell a story/fun fact/secret/whatever.)
“fun” fact: once during a rugby game I clotheslined a girl in the neck right in front of where her friends and family were standing

and then i got a penalty and was standing behind the goal line sadly when my dad came up and he was like, what happened, and I told him to go away because i didn’t know what the deal was or if i could talk to people or if i was just in Bad Rugger Jail for the rest of the game 

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kai ta loipa
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i honestly don’t often feel out-nerded, but HEMA is doing it: from “I don’t do longsword” to this dude on swordforum who’s having trouble with his unterhau to this person who makes me feel like I’m reading an actual blog from the Middle Ages

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kai ta loipa
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my life in the kitchen: 

50% pining after really complicated recipes with a million expensive ingredients you need ¼ of a teaspoon of, like saffron plucked from the very summit of a Himalayan peak in the fall at 6:34 pm
25% “this is what I could make with what I had in my Closet of Random Ingredients" 
10% "while making this I am a well-oiled machine, my mise en place is exquisite and i know all the steps because i’ve done it a million times" 
10% "I can make this while playing WoW" 
5% actually trying new things that are reasonable to make, sophisticated without being overly récherché, with ingredients that are actually easy to get

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kai ta loipa


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