Jun. 13th, 2017

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oh my god, you guys, my air conditioner’s vents open to let more air out 

Tags:as i discovered when i was sticking my face into it, kai ta loipa, huh maybe that was why it wasn't cooling as much as it should be
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i’m sure i’ve posted this before, but once upon a time some nerds in the Classics department decided that we could do a production of Hippolytus in the original. Our faculty advisor was contemplating posting a previous year’s papers as examples of What Not To Do, but wasn’t sure if it was ok. 

The girl playing Phaedra: oh, I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t. 

Me, who was playing Aphrodite: DO IT

Tags:and here we have - said one of the others - the immortal goddess and the mortal, kai ta loipa, the once (and probably not future) field
kai ta loipa
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the thing is, right, i absolutely want to be known, but only by the right people (if you follow me/we’re mutuals, you’re the right people): i remember very distinctly that one day the dude i was having very mediocre sex with for, inexplicably, like 5 years made an offhand comment about something I liked (‘oh, i know how much you like peacocks’) and I was like no no no no abort mission you don’t get to know that 

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kai ta loipa
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on the phone with my dad, discussing the general population’s knowledge of the Byzantine empire: 

him: People don’t know how much more important it was than, say, Rome. [in the Middle Ages] 

me: Oh, yeah, Rome was, like, a backwater then. 

Tags:kai ta loipa, from the desk of a.i. augusta
kai ta loipa
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ok this is even more inconsequential than 90% of the things i complain about but somehow my chair is making a single, very specific spot on my upper left thigh hurt very much and since I don’t know what’s causing it I can’t fix it

Tags:maybe just that it's the Worst Chair?, idk, kai ta loipa, from hell's heart i stab at thee o chair, i am dying egypt dying
kai ta loipa
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grammarly underlines “cancelled" 

me, out loud: fuck you, no 

Tags:kai ta loipa, canceled is ugly and i hate it, this is the sort of thing i get worked up about
kai ta loipa


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