Jun. 24th, 2017

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you guys, I have July 3rd off and I just want to spend the weekend sitting by a lake, perhaps reading or embroidering or even writing and then sometimes going into the lake 

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kai ta loipa
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hey y'all super important update: my blacksmithed bottle opener 


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kai ta loipa
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Salvete, amici!

I love when people follow me, but I’m always a little incredulous when they do. So, here we go: I post really inconsistently; if you’re here for Classics, I’m sorry, that does happen sometimes, but it’s more of a sort of flavoring that you can taste in many of my terrible, terrible posts. My Classics tag is the once (and probably not future) field. 

I write poetry, much of it classically inspired; the tag on this blog is scripsi. If you like my writing but not inane posts about my various physical ailments, follow @thewriteroffragments. 

also please follow @theblogofthecourtier and ask Baldassare questions. 

And I try to be approachable and fear that I am not, so if the heart in your breast moveth you to converse with me, do so! 

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kai ta loipa


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