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2008-04-22 05:05 pm
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Behold, the only decent things to come out of COS 116:

Awww look, a sad lamp!

And whatever this is.
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2008-03-05 08:42 pm
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ahh, robots

COS 116, or the class most likely to make me jump off a very tall building. The little blue bastard we like to call "Scribbler" won't do what it's told - it seems to like being stuck in a maze forever. It is also, like me, no artist. On a brighter note, they seem to do what you want if you swear at them.
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2008-02-26 12:53 am
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This here is my lab report it is about robots. I was sad when we saw our robot because it doesn’t look like a human and it is small and round and blue. When we had to make a circle it did not listen to me and I had to program it. This was not like the movies. In the movies robots look like people but they are made of metal. They can walk and talk and you do not have to tell them to do things. But our robot does not do anything on its own. And they are supposed to take over the world and it looks really cool with explosions and stuff but it just sat there and was blue. Also in the movies they can be your friends sometimes. So in conclusion I don’t like our robot very much because it is boring.

Should I be doing my actual lab report? Probably.