12:31 pm

so i pulled my cardigan off the boot it was resting on and saw the boot fall, and at that moment I..

05:55 pm

Lunch with coworkers: survived.

06:25 pm

A nice baritone with a very slight German accent is

12:55 pm

two roads [Classics and just fucking being a Proto-Indo-European reconstructionist] diverged in a...

09:05 pm

sword on office chair is absolutely my aesthetic 

02:05 pm

one of the reasons I don’t have very much music

05:05 pm

i call this look “tempting fate”

06:00 pm

elucubrare:if you were a villain, what kind of villain

01:40 am

also i’m listening to the Opera Rara recording

01:06 pm

i paid my $4.50 fine and i only have 30 books checked out of the library, i feel like a ponderous...

01:56 pm

So I finally picked up the Gothic Alice in Wonderland I

03:10 pm


04:25 pm

2 & 10

06:16 pm

12, 20

08:20 pm

you guys i just don’t think i’m cut out

08:25 pm

my “acting” range: doomed queen

03:20 pm

I just had to google ‘human temperature’

12:50 pm

ok, I’ve been up for an hour and a half and this

02:20 pm

so last time i went to the ophthalmologist i told her about the fact that i see splotches of light..

04:45 pm

a thing i actually searched for i can’t do

08:00 pm

laundry daytime to get out the ballgown

08:40 pm

oh man I looked at my transcript and did not remember

12:13 pm

me, at a party, to a guy I’m pretty sure is not

12:28 am

please enjoy a nice bass singing a version

02:03 am

sword class update: so good, so much fun, going back next week

12:14 pm

I don’t think I should have to exercise. I think

01:02 pm

lizowlet replied to your post: I don’t think I

08:53 pm

@septembersung tagged me in this, and i am not going to ask new questions because I am Bad,...

10:28 pm

i honestly don’t often feel out-nerded, but HEMA

11:08 pm

my life in the kitchen: 50% pining after really

12:13 am

oh no, y'all, i’ve been talking and sweari

02:13 am

parlez-vous français? alors allez lire la recette

01:44 pm


02:29 pm

playlist ideas: “Songs I, An Utterly Untrained

08:39 pm

ok so my dad, an alumnus of [ivy league school 1] got a call from the chair of his 50th reunion and.

08:39 pm

when i got rejected from [ivy league school 1], my dad, an alumnus thereof, got a letter that...

03:09 am

i really want to read Swinburne’s Marino Faliero

04:14 am

my arms: you should add five push-ups to your

12:09 pm

i’ve been feeling so good the last couple of

12:24 pm

i know i wear and own a lot of makeup but, god’s

02:09 pm

‘Sblood but the French keyboard is the literal

11:54 pm

[accidently goes from fake science wikipedia article to real physics wikipedia article] [runs...

12:49 am

oh my god, you guys, my air conditioner’s vents

12:49 am

i’m sure i’ve posted this before, but

02:13 pm

the thing is, right, i absolutely want to be known, but only by the right people (if you follow...

02:38 pm

on the phone with my dad, discussing the general

05:58 pm

ok this is even more inconsequential than 90% of the things i complain about but somehow my chair is

09:04 pm

grammarly underlines “cancelled" me, out

12:08 pm

a story about the frailty of the bark that is my mortal form

04:41 pm

my food goes bad for two reasons: 1. I simply get

08:31 pm

my friends, admire the Fake High GPA of Good Fortune

08:51 pm

ok semi-seriously does anyone have any tips for explaining a semester that looks like this:to an...

08:51 pm

Supplement to my Application: To the admissions

08:51 pm

elucubrare:my friends, admire the Fake High GPA of Good...

09:01 pm

I would say "due to a serious medical condition", then offer to provide them with a signed letter fr

09:11 pm

you guys, i am Dumb: i got the ingredients for

09:11 pm

No problem! <3 I hid my severe OCD for two years, and after six months of struggle got my faculty to

11:11 pm

Anyway I found a place that will deliver canelés to

12:56 am

Peak Me: pretentious s'mores on a peacock plate

01:11 am

coughingkate replied to your photo: Peak Me: pretentious s'mores on a peacock...

01:17 am

edderkopper replied to your post: coughingkate replied to your photo: ...

04:56 pm

ok, so the thing about aesthetic pictures with really

12:12 am

you guys, I have July 3rd off and I just want to spend the weekend sitting by a lake, perhaps...

02:11 am

hey y'all super important update: my blacksmithed bottle

08:46 pm

Salvete, amici! I love when people follow me, but

06:47 pm

current look: heroine in the fourth act of a drama 

02:21 am

i spent all day yesterday in the ER making sure I

07:36 pm

Thanks mather for my ribbon-curling skills

12:26 pm

it’s not, of course, that I don’t want

02:26 pm

a problem with organization: i like to put things into many folders but I do not like when I have to


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