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I have clearly gone completely insane, but I think it's in a good way, or at least a way that's relevant to my major.

A couple of people and I are doing a production of Hippolytus in the original Ancient Greek: we've got most of our cast and have possibilities for the two people we don't have; we have professorial support for the idea and for the reading; we have texts; we have ideas for staging; and last but not least, we have funding!

When we went to the head of department (who is also our Vergil professor, Feeney) he said essentially that he'd been waiting for someone to do something like this the whole time he'd been head.

We're going to have a chorus and try to get music, and Professor Katz can help us with pronunciation, and it's going to be painfully awesome. And a lot of work, but I think it's manageable.

(We were waiting outside Professor Feeney's office, and we heard that he was talking with our prospective Theseus. We waited for him to come out and cornered him, then told him about the plan. He agreed. So now we only need Phaedra's nurse and Hippolytus himself.)

The only downside to this is that it means I can't take five classes next semester, but oh well. I've been told it's a bad idea in any case.
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I really don't understand why no one loves Bánk Bán the way I do. It's a Hungarian opera from 1861, by Ferenc Erkel, and, well, Wikipedia says it better than I do.

In any case, the parts I've found on YouTube are very pretty, and very distinctive: Hard to describe, but somehow entirely not Western European, but not Russian either.

This aria, specifically, is amazing, and I love the tenor.

And there's a mad scene, too! What's not to love?

(Um, in case anyone asks, I don't go looking for obscure stuff. I was trying to rectify my woeful lack of Niun mi tema, from a perfectly respectable opera, and I liked József Simándy enough to look for more of him)
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So, I have no idea exactly how accurate this site (http://www.metmaniac.com/future.html) is, but if it is, my resolution to go to college near enough New York to get back on weekends has just been confirmed. I have been actually squeaking for about five minutes. Actual good Mozart! Donizetti! Les Contes d'Hoffmann! Un Ballo in however-you-spell-it! Don Giovanni, the opera that owns my soul! (Um, it was my first.) Rosenkavalier! (Which I totally can't go see, because it costs money, and I just want to see the pretty costumes and the pretty set. Which is, I think, the entire point of that opera. Silly Strauss.) Hamlet! (Yay Ambroise Thomas. I am his only fangirl. *tear*) Trovatore! (I want to see Manrico die.)

Coherence and I are no longer on speaking terms.


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