Feb. 4th, 2017

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Name: A– 
Nickname: None.
Height: 5′7″, but I’ve been told by a doctor that I “look taller”
Time Right Now: 11:20
Last Thing Googled: Directions for a work thing
Favorite Music Artist: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, I was going to say I don’t have one but, like, I have a crush on this dead man’s voice
Last Movie Watched: Rogue One! 
Last TV Show Watched: The West Wing
What Are You Wearing?: A dress I sleep in. It is not a dress that is meant to be slept in, but I don’t like it and all my sleep clothes are in the wash.
When did you create your blog?: Six years ago last month! 
What kind of stuff do you post?: art (not mine), complaining about books, writing (mine), general life updates 
Do you have any other blogs?: theblogofthecourtier.tumblr.com, for which plz suggest topics, also my Top Secret Depression Blog (not actually top secret just boring), the defunct amazed-all-right
Gender: Female-ish
Favorite Animal(s): elephants, capuchin monkeys, cheetahs
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw but I reject the House system, also my True House™ is Lyorn, with a hint of Dzur and Dragon. 
Pokemon Team: None. 
MBTI: INFP, I think and don’t care
Moral Alignment: Neutral good, most likely. Something good, in any case. 
Cat or Dog Person: Neither. 
Favorite Color: Turquoise. 
Average Hours of Sleep: So many, and it’s never enough. 
Lucky Number: I have the worst luck in the entire world, a number isn’t going to help. that said, 17 
Favorite Characters: Either none or a thousand, but Faramir was my first fictional boyfriend. 
How many blankets do you sleep with?: One. 
How many pillows do you sleep with?: 8 or 9. I lost count.
Dream Job: ~independently wealthy~ writer
Current number of followers: Too many, what are y'all doing here
Why did I pick my URL?: I wanted a single word, I like infinitive URLs, and when I picked it I was a student who did all their work at night, so “to grind out work by night” (the definition of elucubrare) was appropriate, also I think it’s pretty.
Dream Trip: I did my dream trip in 2015: I went to Rome, Florence, and Venice alone, took in a lot of culture, went to the Coliseum, etc.

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kai ta loipa
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ugh, my package came, thereby removing the only real obstacle to going to the library

Tags:annals of laziness, kai ta loipa, i have to return a thing and pick up two things, but it doesn't HAVE to be today...
kai ta loipa
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i finished organizing my hard drive and now i am Empty and Purposeless 

Tags:i'm a mess, kai ta loipa
kai ta loipa


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