Feb. 28th, 2017

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misc 12: What’s something you like about yourself?: look, Past Me would give this a hard disagree, but like, fuck her, she also didn’t do her homework: I’m pretty. 

13: What’s something that drives you crazy about yourself?: p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n 

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kai ta loipa
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Quick facts 4: Zodiac sign: I’m a leo! strictly speaking, leo/virgo cusp. I’m not sure that’s always evident. 

Have I… 10: Been in love?: GETTING DEEP HERE, but also no, which makes me p. sad much of the time

This or That 8: Blondes or Brunettes?: very strong preference for brunettes! 

Miscellaneous 7: How can someone win  your heart?: Well, first you have to get the key from the Witch of the West Wind, wear out seven pairs of iron shoes, and then climb a glass mountain. 

(the truth is less arduous than that, but not much; I’m not playing hard to get, i am hard to get) 

also I’d watch Miscellaneous 7 in a heartbeat  

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kai ta loipa
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Quick Facts 6: Height: i am five feet seven inches tall, but I “look taller" 

misc 12: What’s something you like about yourself?: I am a good writer! 

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kai ta loipa
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tagged by @generally-nauseated :) 

name/nickname: A- - - 
height: 5′7
hogwarts house: ravenclaw, if i must 
last thing I googled: Ashland, Kentucky Terence M. Green. not stalking someone, just trying to see if the story that made me weep on the train was online (it’s not.) 
a fictional character i’d like as a sibling: Odysseus. We’d share salt. 
how many blankets do you sleep with: one, but just so many pillows 
favourite artist/band: i am in a period of Not Liking Music
how many blogs do I follow: 758.
what do I usually post about: mundane complaints; my writing; other people’s writing; stuff about the books I read; pretty things, from dresses to landscapes.
do you get asks regularly: no, but i ~would welcome~ them, as we all know I am vain as a peacock 
what’s your aesthetic: excess in all things. 

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kai ta loipa


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