Mar. 21st, 2017

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i love being loved and understood 


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kai ta loipa
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I can’t believe I haven’t told this story, or maybe I have and google can’t find it, but back in the mists of time (2003 or so) I was 14 and at camp and Return of the King had come out recently. 

now I haven’t talked about this camp, but it was a wilderness camp - on a lake in the middle of nowhere (upstate NY), you took a rickety motorboat to get there, there was no electricity or running water, you get the idea. 

so one of the customs at this camp was going skinny dipping as a matter of course, because if you got your bathing suit wet it would take forever to dry. The girls’ and boys’ sides of the camp each had secluded docks to jump off.

and there were nine of us in the Older Girls tent group (we lived in tents), so of course we were the Fellowship at least some of the time. The time I remember most was at Dips. We would drop our towels, walk the length of the dock, naked, in order, and, just before we jumped into the freezing water of the lake, we would scream our names. 

I was Gandalf. 

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kai ta loipa
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i don’t think i’m really a gandalf, though. probably boromir - does their best to be good, gives in to temptation 

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kai ta loipa


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