Jun. 6th, 2017

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ok, I’ve been up for an hour and a half and this dream really just penetrated - i had a really vivid dream about going to a Ren Faire-ish place and buying a sword that was just marked “strong” (the woman at the booth picked it out for me) for exactly $163. 

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kai ta loipa
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so last time i went to the ophthalmologist i told her about the fact that i see splotches of light and darkness on objects that i look at and it came out that the nerve at the back of my eye is slightly raised, and she was like, well, it could be nothing or it could be fluid in the brain, you should see a neuro-ophthalmologist soon, what are you doing tomorrow? and then i went to the neurology department and they were like, well, we don’t have anything ‘til July 14th (wooooo Bastille Day!), sorry

and the point is, every time i get a headache (so, like, every day) i’m like, this is it, this is my brainfluid exploding, my death be upon you, NYU Langone

Tags:kai ta loipa, i am definitely a hypochondriac, but this time something might actually be wrong, the ongoing medical woes, very woeful today, i can't focus my eyes, well i can but it hurts, i'm mostly just worried about the timeframe she wanted, when doctors tell you to do things immediately it's generally not good, tho to be fair this has been going on for a while, so idk why it would SUDDENLY explode
kai ta loipa
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a thing i actually searched for 

i can’t do this 

where this = be a functional human being

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kai ta loipa
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laundry day

time to get out the ballgown

Tags:if i'm stuck with the Sexy Bras, i might as well go all out, kai ta loipa
kai ta loipa
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oh man I looked at my transcript and did not remember taking about ¾ of the classes i took 

Tags:i wasn't even drunk in college, just hella depressed, kai ta loipa
kai ta loipa


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