Jun. 14th, 2017

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once upon a time during college i woke up and found that i had a headache that was literally blinding. i also had a midterm (on the Odyssey). so i stumbled from my dorm to university health services and managed to tell them what was going on. they took me to a dark room and told me to lie down. “this will knock you out,” they said. “but i have a midterm!” i said. “no you don’t,” they said, and gave me a shot. it knocked me out. 

i woke up about halfway through the midterm and decided to go anyway. i made my way up the hill to the classics building and found my classroom. “what happened?” asked my professor. i told her, only stumbling over my words a little bit. “and they let you out?” she said. she then guided me out of the room and called public safety to give me a ride back to my dorm. 

Tags:kai ta loipa, somehow i awakened mat/paternal instincts in like all the professors i knew well, my favorite professor freshman year: maybe u should go to mental health services. maybe ur depressed.
kai ta loipa


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