10:49 pm

The most pretentious thing anyone has ever brought camping

03:09 pm

y'all i just decapitated a pineapple with an axe photo essay + video to come later

07:37 pm

otium, Iulia, tibi molestum est:you don’t know

10:02 pm

making welsh mythology jokes in the answers of your dating site...

12:33 pm

y i k e s 

02:53 am

thelibraryofmars:You can always find something new about

04:53 am

full moon, constellation, reminder

04:53 am


04:53 am

soothe: what's one thing that always makes you feel better when you're upset?

04:53 am

waxing, contemplation

03:08 pm

ok, new theory: I’m an AI whose creators, for

04:08 pm

@ everyone who makes ‘no-knead bread

04:46 pm

the problem with having my shelves three books deep is

06:28 pm

I think anyone who took an ancient language in high school used a line from whatever they were...

06:38 pm

solointhesand replied to your photo: I admit, I mostly got this for the title -...

06:58 pm

peripatetia: elucubrare: elucubrare: elucubrare: Quintillus (Latin: Marcus Aurelius Claudius...

07:08 pm

idionkisson replied to your photo: Just picture me like this all the time ...

07:38 pm

i’m not saying “Sidewalks of New

10:33 pm

I may have….miscalculated

10:33 pm


02:53 am

the motto on my escutcheon is “usque ad

02:23 pm

it’s kind of hilarious how i will eagerly read

04:28 pm

some day i am going to slip up and send, say, a gif of fire imposed over me holding a sword and book

05:33 pm

*takes pills with the purest, coldest Adirondack spring

05:33 pm

as I walk back from the grocery story, I realize I have no container to store the pineapple I just..

06:28 pm

For the love of God, Montresor!

07:48 pm

a picture of my problems. not included: I need a cart to get get...

09:33 pm

the duality of the writer 

10:53 pm

@ the demiurge or whoever: apricots were a good move.

11:18 pm

a question: if “Always through the

12:26 pm

o Hermes, god of commerce or whatever, give me the strength to get out of my chair and go to work...

12:56 pm

The gods: choose carefully. You can have a short life

02:41 pm

Don’t look now but wow is http://ift.tt/2sWKSuL

06:41 pm

I do hate being alone in the office, but it does give me the...

02:46 pm

let me share with you my most horrifying dream ever: I went into a meat market, the one by my...

05:06 pm

salparadisewasright replied to your post: ...

05:21 pm

as i say in the beginning of this audio post, y'all seem to...

07:06 pm

tagged by @peripatetia - too shy to tag anyone, maybe

09:41 pm

dark seamless, show me the food i actually want to eat

12:41 am

I don’t know who Hyatt H. Waggoner is but

03:11 am

@congruentepitheton tagged me in this! RULE: list

11:46 pm

book meme! the adventures of huckleberry finn, charlotte's web, & the giver :)

11:56 pm

The lightning thief!

07:06 pm

elucubrare: Agents, I’ve got a mission for the

01:24 pm

me, thinking about the books I have in storage and how I want to get rid of 90% of them to save...

02:29 pm

peripatetia replied to your photo: Here to clean out my storage area, y'all! ...

08:59 pm

Reunited with *some* of my friends

10:44 pm

Also these were a huge part of my childhood- my dad got them for...

02:44 am

remember when i changed my religious views on Facebook to...

03:14 am

my neurologist: sleep 8-9 hours and don’t drink

01:19 pm

trashboat: i get anxious for people who fall asleep on public transit. like where is your home? how.

02:49 pm

finickery replied to your photo “an important

03:04 pm

Box one of five They look so sad and lonely

09:09 pm

E has Too Much Makeup

06:15 pm

my foodkick order.I will be first against the wall when the...

12:45 am

I have been called the fuck out, there’s a

01:42 pm

the problem is that my minimalist and maximalist sides are always at war: i have too much stuff but.

12:17 pm

It’s not immediately apparent, but not only are

03:22 pm

hey remember 6th-8th grade, when I was like, hardcore

11:35 pm

help I don’t have the biceps to French

12:10 am

elucubrare:help I don’t have the biceps to

01:55 pm


04:10 pm

O god of travelers, spoke the woman of many books, give me...

06:35 pm

you know the “perhaps more flowers”

07:45 pm

ave: atque vale:

09:05 pm

The axe I made for my Clytemnestra costume now lives on my wall.


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