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The other night I dreamt that I got a Cyrillic T on my Greek midterm. (And I think it took me till now to realize it was a dream. At least getting a T didn't make sense then either.) This may mean that 1) I should stop thinking about my Greek midterm; 2) I should stop thinking about Russian; or 3) I fail at life.

Speaking of Russian, I had my biweekly fail, otherwise known as the oral section of our test. The assignment was to say what you want to be and what you wanted to be when you were younger. We had this nel mezzo del second semester because you use the instrumental, even though 'become' is a copulative verb and therefore you should use the nominative after it, like in EVERY OTHER LANGUAGE. Screw you, Russian.

Anyway, I said "I don't know what I want to be, and before I didn't know what I want to be." My professor looked at me funny and repeated my sentence as a question. "Da," I replied. "Oh, nyet, professorom." He corrected my very wrong stress and said, "Yes, because our life is so great." "Well," I said, "there's not much else you can do with a degree in Classics." He shrugged and laughed. "True enough," he said.
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If the writers of Live From Moscow wrote Othello:

Scene i
Iago: Look, Othello, it is so terrible. Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio.
Othello: I do not believe you, Iago.
Iago: Look over there where she and Cassio are conveniently walking. Also, here is her handkerchief.
Othello: Surely you are right.

Scene ii
Othello: Desdemona, are you sleeping with Cassio?
Desdemona: No.
Othello: But Iago gave me your handkerchief, which Cassio gave to him. And you walk with him all the time.
Desdemona: I promise I’m not.
Othello: OK!

Wanna make out?
Desdemona: Sure!
They do. Divers alarums.
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Today was the first day of my action-packed second semester, and by "action-packed" I mean that I'm taking five courses. I had all but one of these today.

Russian was fun, of course, although Christine, the grad student who helps teach, has apparently decided that since it's second semester, we obviously understand when she speaks Russian. Which is true - for the most part. However, the textbook hasn't arrived yet, so we're using photocopies. Flipping through pages is fun

Homer wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - I realized looking at my book last night that I could actually sort of remember some of my vocabulary, and he's taking it really slow.

Balkan/East European Oral Tradition will be a great class. (And it's Slavic Studies/Comparative Literature/History/Hellenic Studies. Really. [Also, at this point I've got more of the requirements for a Slavic Studies major than Classics.]) There are four of us, one of whom is a grad student, so the room we're in is oversized, to say the least. But the topic is very interesting, at least to me, and the professor seems really nice.

And my writing seminar, which is on the Inquisition, is not as bad as I thought it would be, although I still think that my professor has *ahem* intimate experience with practice of inquisitors.

(This is a production of Rossini's Cenerentola, with Joyce DiDonato. Her singing is very good, but the real point of this is to make fun of the production. Let's just say that I know what they were aiming for, but it doesn't quite get there.)
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Me, to my Russian teacher, before the oral part of the test, after having finished the written part: Oh, I always work fast, even when I have no idea what I'm doing. (pause, in which I realize what I've just said) Not that that is the case here.... OHGOD I'm so sorry.

Him, lifting his hands to the heavens: God, why me?

In other news, j'ai fini, ho finuto, Я закончила, confeci, I'm done! No more class 'till February fourth!* Io son felice appieno.

*This is not exactly true.
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It snowed this morning. As I left The Medieval World, on the way to Russian, I realized that the rain wasn't just rain - there were some frozen drops mixed in. Now, I was greatly displeased by such an event, for it was already cold and nasty enough, and I don't approve of winter. Some of the people in my Russian class, being southern and unaccustomed to snow, were actually excited. They'll grow out of it. So, by the middle of Russian, the little frozen pellets had become beautiful swirling falls of snowflakes. And then, by the end of the class, it had stopped. But still, snow! In November! It's not supposed to do that until January.

In celebration of the upcoming accusative, a classmate and I made cookies for tomorrow's Russian class. Our excitement for actually being able to form interesting sentences overwhelmed us, and carried us into the kitchen. While we baked, we had a very awkward conversation in Russian - awkward, because our vocabulary is very limited.

And now I'm writing a paper on the First Crusade. Five pages, for Wednesday - I might have a thesis now, and my goal is two pages tonight.
ETA It may be 3:05, but I got my two goddamned pages done.


Nov. 5th, 2007 01:17 pm
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Well, I have issues with Russian. Some of them stem from the fact that three-quarters of the time words sound exactly the same (that's a lie, but it's close enough - "vcegda" - always; "vchera" - yesterday; "vcherom" - in the afternoon [Horrible transliteration skills - away!]). My other problems are that 1. It is very rare that I can both spell and pronounce a word, and 2. I can't accent to save my life. This is bad, because a wrong accent is 1/2 point off. Of course, I can't really hear stress accents in English either.

I chopped about six inches of hair off - it's a lot easier to deal with now (although it's straight too, so we'll see what happens when it's curly).

I'm on the literary magazine staff, and, while many of the submissions are decent, the first one in the packet is simply terrible - it has lines like "the silvery mist pawed at my feet," and "the castle was iron-grey in its magnificence." Also, It was indescribably beautiful, yet I could not help but cry at the sight of it. That tuft would float for eternity within its confines, never realizing what it could never have....Um, yeah.

Also, I'm failing Bio.
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One of the exercises in my Russian book was to finish translating this "quite strange" letter that Tanya (one of the main characters. The plot of this book is hilarious.) received:


I am a Russian writer, a French poet, and a German composer. In the morning I walk in the zoo and think in French. In the afternoon I read in Russian. In the evening I rest on the couch and speak German. Excellent! My old red pants are in the garage. My beautiful black dog is in America. And, you know, my books are delicious. Really! I live in house number nineteen. What is your favorite restaurant?

your new friend, Apollon.

...All I can say is: Run, Tanya, run! He's obviously going to be a stalker.
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Fencing is awesome!

Unfortunately, my knee does not agree, and currently hates me.

Anyway, I've reversed the normal process, and did no extracurriculars in high school and am now doing six in college. I just got back from copy-editing for the 'Prince,' where my (not so) inner pedant can come out to play.

Sports articles suck. News you can just go over, and there's some minor mistakes, but all three sports articles I got were actively terrible. But it's a lot of fun, and the spirit in the room is really good. It helped that today was fairly light, but they say it'll get worse.

My first bio lab was today. I think that one of the reasons I hated ninth grade bio was that our labs seemed so pointless - they were all "Look at little things that all look the same under the microscope," and the microscope gave me a headache, and Ms. Feldman was a bitch. In any case, I actually enjoy this class.

(We sent crickets through a maze to see if they responded to cricket calls played through an MP3 player. Then we had to design an experiment for next time. It was a fairly complicated setup, and I managed not to screw up. Je m'en suis fière.)

I still don't know any Russian verbs after two weeks, but I already know the alphabet better than the Greek, which is sad, considering my five years of Greek and the fact that Greek is closer.

And finally, I'm picking up The Medieval World now - I've got two hundred pages of Augustine to read!


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